Spring Meeting Recap

A great turnout of both new and current members held our annual spring meeting to discuss rules, schedule and any new club business. Here is a recap of the meeting.

1. Club Officers: President-Paul Reinbold, Vice President-Bob Reinbold, Secretary-Denver Tergesen, Tournament Directors-Trent Fugere and Josh Birtchet. 
2. New tournament hours will be from 6:30 launch to 3:30 check in. 
3. Bandits will be affiliated with the ND TBF. 
4. TBF will have a seperate entry fee of $25 and not include a big bass pot.

Ice Bowl-March 25th 10am-3pm cst 
Nelson Lake-April 29th
New Johns- May 20th
North Audubon-June 3rd
Audubon (Totten Trail)-June 4th
Club Camping at Lake Tschida-July 1st and 2nd
This will be a two day tournament with events scheduled for both Friday and Saturday night
Spiritwood Lake-July 15th
Lake Sakakawea (Buelah Bay)-July 29th
Lake Oahe (Whitlock)-August 26th
Classic Championship on Lake Audubon-September 23rd and 24th two day Championship.

Looks to be a great year for everyone and we hope to see you on the water. Remember that the Ice Bowl is a great chance to introduce new members to the club and have a great day in the water.