Club Camping Weekend Recap

Amazing weather and fun times for everyone was the storyline for the Bandits as we all enjoyed the weekend at Lake Tschida for Club Camping.
Having to deal with a huge amount of recreational traffic the weights were down a bit compared to the past events but Bob and Jeanette Reinbold were able to bring in 6 smallmouth bass for a total of 14.91lbs to take home the win. 2nd place went to Denver and Tyler Tergesen with 14.41lbs, including Big Bass Award for 3.42lbs, and Matt Sullivan partnered up with Amber Pierce for 3rd place with 14.38lbs. Most anglers were fishing the bank just to stay away from the large amount of recreational boats on the water and caught fish on everything from swimbaits to senkos and even a few jerkbait fish.
The real competition was on Saturday night as the annual ladderball tournament brought out the best in everyone. With 8 teams competing for year long bragging rights in the double elimination tournament it was Trent Fugere and Paul Reinbold battling back to face Prairie and Amber. After a substitution for both teams Eric and Amber faced off against newcomer Ryan and Trent in an epic down to the wire match that ended after Eric hit a 2 pointer to break the 19-19 tie. Then to cap off the night Eric beat Thomas Leintz in the flipping competition, in the dark with the aid of headlights from Thomas truck, to give him his first flipping victory and Thomas with back to back runner-up finishes.
Thank you everyone for a great weekend and also a thanks to Shawn Keena and Cody Arth for donating mystery tackle packages for all the anglers to enjoy at the Ladderball Tournament.
1st-Bob and Jeanette Reinbold-14.91lbs-100 points
2nd-Denver and Tyler Tergesen-14.41 and Big Bass-100
3rd-Matt Sullivan and Amber Pierce-14.38-98
4th-Justin Enney and Jason Perius-12.15-97
5th-Eric Vossler, Thomas Leintz, Ryan Meier-11.84-96
6th-Tony and Linda Reinbold-11.55-95
7th-Trent Fugere-6.07-94
8th-Paul and Prairie Reinbold-4.73-93
1st-Bob Reinbold
2nd-Denver and Tyler Tergesen
3rd-Matt Sullivan and Amber Pierce
4th-Justin Enney
5th-Eric Vossler
6th-Tony Reinbold
7th-Paul Reinbold



Classic Championship
Lake Audubon


Audubon Recap


What an incredible time on the water for the Bandits during the 3rd and 4th events of the season. The weekend began with slightly windy conditions on North Audubon and dirtier than normal water but the fishing was phenomenal throughout the day with numerous 2-3lb smallmouth easily being caught. The team of Eric Vossler, Hunter Wood and Thomas Leintz took home the crown with 7.96 lbs including the 3.47 lb big bass focusing on the many submerged islands of the lake. 2nd place went to Marty Mantz and Brandi Mantz at 7.61 lbs and 3rd was rounded out by Nevin Tergesen, Tyler Tergesen and Denver Tergesen with 7.36 lbs. Hayden Bader brought in three fish for 6.85 lbs to not only win the Junior division but those fish would've placed him in the top 5 of the overall division as well. Great job Hayden!

Sunday was a complete opposite on Lake Audubon with hardly a ripple on the water from launch until weigh in. Numerous anglers reported record number of fish being caught and mostly from still bedding fish. The big bite was once again hard to find but Marty and Brandi Mantz figured it out the best with 10.49 lbs that also included the 3.93lb big bass of the day. Newcomers Van Bardell and Brandon Schafer had a great day with 9.72 lbs to cash a second place check and once again Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood teaming up with Adam Carow notched a top three bag with 9.64 lbs. Lastly in dominating fashion Hayden Bader took home the Junior crown with 5.11 lbs. A huge relief for his Father Jason Bader to finally beat Hayden on the year, barely squeaking by with 5.13 lbs.
Great job everyone and thank all the new anglers that joined us for a great weekend on the water.
The next event will be the club Camping Weekend on Lake Tschida on July 1st and 2nd. All information will be posted soon on this event.

New Johns Lake Recap

Team Marty Mantz and Matt Sullivan take New Johns!

A beautiful day on one of the most diverse fisheries in our state equaled an amazing tournament for the second stop of the the Bandits season. Reports of super tough conditions didn't stop the 11 teams today as everyone was excited for a chance at a giant bag of Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass. With very little wind and light clouds throughout the day Matt Sullivan and Marty Mantz were able to search out some beds and bring home the crown with 12.01 lbs of Smallies. 2nd place went to Amanda Bader and Tony Reinbold with 10.81 lbs of fish caught on a classic Melos Spinner and 3rd place was the trifecta of Trent Fugere, Paul Reinbold, and Adrian Estrada with 10.71 lbs anchored by Trent's Big Bass of the day at 4.38lbs. Our Junior Champion was Hayden Bader with a terrific 2.12 lb smallmouth just barely edging out Roo Estrada.

Great job to everyone on the water today and thanks for all the help from all members at launch and weigh in.

The Bandits next tournament will be June 3rd on North Audubon Arm and June 4th at Audubon launching from the Totten Trail Ramp. These will be two seperate tournaments and we hope to see as many teams as possible join us for the fun.

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New Season, New Faces

Colton Blomberg and Colton Self with their winning fish at the season opener at Nelson Lake

The Badlands Bass Bandits began their 2017 tournament season with a bang. With the crowd favorite Nelson Lake starting the year off and reports of big fish being caught all winter the anticipation was high for some great fishing. Despite the power plant shutting down their big unit a few days earlier and dropping water temperatures it did not disappoint. An early morning fog delay changed the typical boat launch to a shotgun start and all 22 teams blasted off with a 5mph speed limit until 8am.

Fishing was very consistent for most teams throughout the day but for the team of Colton Blomberg and Colton Self a great stretch of rocky bank and a black and blue jig yielded three great Largemouth Bass totaling 15.29 lbs, a new club record for the lake, with a 5.88lb big bass winning kicker fish. 2nd place team of Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood broke in his new Skeeter Boat in the right direction with 12.79lbs of Nelson Lake Largemouth and the trifecta of Bob and Jeanette Reinbold teaming up with Thomas Leintz rounded out the top three with 10.65lbs. It was a great day on the water and an incredible performance by the top teams. Thanks everyone and see you May 20th at New Johns.

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