April 29th
Nelson Lake

May 20th
New Johns
East Park Ramp
June 3rd

North Audubon

June 4th
Totten Trail
July 1st & 2nd

Club Camping Weekend
Lake Tschida

July 15th
Spiritwood Lake
July 29th
Lake Sakakawea
Walleye Bay
August 26th
Lake Oahe

September 23rd & 24th

Classic Championship
Lake Audubon


Tournament Etiquette

Guidelines to Being a Good Boater

Guidelines to Being a Good Non-Boater

Guidelines to being a good non boater





Membership Dues

  • Adult Membership: $25 annually

  • Junior Membership: (under 16 years old) are free

Tournament Entry Fees

  • Member: $20 ($40 per team)

  • Junior Member: $5

  • Non-Member: $40
    An angler may fish 1 tournament as a non-member/guest.

  • Big Bass optional buy in: $5

Rules & Regulations

All tournaments will run
6:30 AM - 3:30 PM CST

Make sure you check the 'Tournament Safety Report' on the club forum prior to any tournament for news relating to hazardous weather conditions that may impact or cancel a tournament.
If you don't have internet access please contact any of our club officers.

Non Boaters:

Any club member who wishes to fish a tournament but does not have a boat to fish from whether it be by themselves or with a teammate is responsible for finding a boat or a teammate with a boat to fish from.

To aid in finding a boat the non-boater may contact the club officials prior to the event date. There are no guarantees that club officers will find a boat for the non-boater to fish from but they will do what they can to help. It is suggested that the non-boater utilizes the club forum or Facebook page to help contact other members to see if anyone is looking for a teammate.