All of these rules apply to the members of the Badland Bass Bandits club. These rules are made to protect every member during club activities. These rules are also made to make competitive fishing more fun.  All of these rules can be avoided from being broken by simply following them. This will help improve the quality of the tournaments, as well as making them more enjoyable to fish.  These rules are firm, but they are also fair. Any violation of these rules will result in the penalty of the following:

1). All Tournaments have a starting time and an ending time.  All Tournaments will be operating on the Central Time Zone. No tournament angler can fish before the “Directed Boat Launch Off” when the tournament starts. The ending time of the tournament is called the “Check In” time. Weigh in will follow after the “Check In” time.

2). The Directed Boat Launch Off is the time period when the Boat Director lets the boats out of the launch area in the correct sequence. The boat sequence is determined by a lottery draw on shore before the tournament event begins.

3). The Check In time, is the designated ending time of a tournament. All boats must be in the launch area at this particular time.

4). For every minute after the check in time a tournament angler is late for, that tournament angler will lose 8oz ( ½ pound) of total weight. If the tournament angler is late for more than 15 minutes after the check in time, that angler is automatically disqualified for that particular tournament.  This rule applies for all boaters and non-boaters.    

5). During a tournament, there is no set limit on how many rods and reels or other fishing equipment you can have in a boat. However, only one rod and reel can be used while competitively fishing. Any angler caught using more than one rod and reel to fish will be disqualified from the tournament.

6). ONLY Artificial bait is allowed during tournament events.

7). No live or preserved live bait are allowed during the tournament. Tournament anglers cannot carry or posses any of these types of baits on their boat or vessel.  Any tournament angler who is caught using or possessing live or preserved live bait in the boat during a tournament event will be disqualified from that event. 

8). All bass must be 12 inches or greater in length to qualify for weigh in. Any fish turned into the weigh master and does not make the 12 inch margin will be penalized. The penalty for turning in a bass that does not meet this rule will result in the loss of that fish, as well as 8oz (1/2 pound) of weight deduction from the anglers’ final total weight.

9). There is no culling of any kind during a tournament. Any bass kept and put into a live well will stay in the live well until it is time to weigh that fish. A limit of 3 bass per tournament angler is allowed. This is a North Dakota Game and Fish Law. Any act culling a fish during a tournament is considered cheating. Anglers will face the penalty of elimination during that particular tournament.  Any Club member or non-club member caught breaking this rule more than once in the same year will be removed from the club and suspended from all club activites for 365 days from the date of removal.

10). All fish turned into the weigh master must be alive. Each dead fish turned into the weigh master to be weighed will result in an 8oz (1/2 pound) penalty from the final total weight.  

11). All club and tournament anglers must abide by the North Dakota Game and Fish laws. The Badland Bass Bandits club is not responsible for any penalty that an angler receives from the North Dakota Game and fish Department. All members and tournament angler’s are responsible for their own decisions and actions.

12). All club and tournament anglers must abide by the North Dakota Game and Fish Boating laws and regulations. The Badlands Bass Bandits are not responsible for any penalties that a tournament angler or club member receives. All club and tournament anglers are responsible for their own decisions and actions.

13). No alcohol or drugs are allowed during club tournaments. Anyone suspected or found using any of these substances during club tournaments will be disqualified from that particular event. Tournament events start when entry fee money is collected before launch off.  Any entry fee of any kind collected before a member or non - member is disqualified by breaking this rule will not be refunded!

14). All Badlands Bass Bandits tournaments will be team-style events. Anglers are encouraged to make arrangements with a team partner prior to the event. Teams must be declared during tournament sign-up.

15). Any club member who wishes to fish a tournament but does not have a boat to fish from whether it be by themselves or with a teammate is responsible for finding a boat or a teammate with a boat to fish from. To aid in finding a boat the non-boater may contact the club officials prior to the event date. There are no guarantees that club officers will find a boat for the non-boater to fish from but they will do what they can to help. It is suggested that the non-boater utilizes the club forum or Facebook page to help contact other members to see if anyone is looking for a teammate.

16). In the event that a non-boater is invited to fish from a boat that already has a 2 person team it will be the boaters choice if the invited non boater will be a part of the team or a seperate team by themselves. The “invited non-boater” needs to remember that it is a privilege to have the opportunity to fish from a club members boat. 

17). The entry fee is $20 per angler, or $40 per two-person team.

18). At the weigh-in, each team will weigh its 3 largest fish. Two-person teams are allowed to catch and hold 3 fish per angler and weigh the 3 largest of those 6 fish. One-person teams may only catch and hold 3 fish and will weigh those 3 fish. Anglers are reminded that under Rule 9 and North Dakota Game and Fish laws, culling is not allowed and will be penalized with disqualification or removal from the club. Any dead fish in your livewell must be submitted for weigh in.

19). Tournament anglers will use common courtesy to other fellow members as well as public fisherman.  Please respect other tournament anglers on the water if they are fishing an area near you.  Communicate with the other angler to avoid any hard feelings or problems during a tournament. Remember we are out here to have fun and become better bass fisherman.

20).  Tournament anglers will use common courtesy to other fellow members as well as public fisherman. Please respect other tournament anglers on the water if they are fishing an area near you. Communicate with the other angler to avoid and hard feelings or problems during a tournament. Remember we are out here to have fun and become better bass fisherman.

21). All tournament anglers must keep their boat 100 feet away from shore fisherman. (See North Dakota Game and Fish Rules).

22). Life jackets must be worn by the boaters and non-boaters when the combustion engine is running. This rule is applied for the safety of every angler competing. If a boat does not have a combustion engine, then this rule does not apply. However, anglers must follow ND Game and Fish laws, and have enough lifejackets in the boat for every angler fishing from that boat.

23). Everyone must practice safe boating! Anyone who is caught boating in an unsafe manner will face the consequences of being disqualified for the tournament.

24). If two anglers sharing a boat are not team members and cannot come to an agreement about whose fish are who's in a livewell, those fish will be eliminated from the competition. Therefore, marking you’re fish with some kind of identification device (without physically hurting the fish) should be used to prevent this problem from occurring. This is the tournament angler’s responsibility, not the club’s.

25). The Badland Bass Bandit Fishing club promotes Catch -and- Release, at the end of the tournament any fish that is not healthy enough to be released back into the water will be harvested. 

26). Any angler that breaks any of the Badlands Bass Bandits written rules will not recieve any membership fee or tournament entry fee refund.

27). Badland Bass Bandits club tournaments will abide by the North Dakota Game and Fish Dept. lake rules. If some lakes have certain length limits and possession limits or other rules for that particular lake, the BBB club will abide by those rules. No exceptions!

28). All tournament anglers who use buoy markers during a tournament event must keep within 50 yards of that marker in order to hold that fishing spot. Any tournament angler who uses a buoy marker and goes beyond 50 yards forfeits the right to that fishing spot to all other tournament anglers.

29). Any dead fish that is weighed in for the big bass competition will not receive the 8oz (1/2 pound) dead fish penalty as stated above in rule #8. However, rule #8 still follows through during the final total weight is determined.

30). During the launch off period of the starting time of the tournament. All boats must go past the spotter. No boat(s) shall re-enter the launch area for a 5 minute time period from the time the last boat leaves the launch area. This was created for safety purposes only! The only time a boat is allowed back into the launch area is for an emergency!

31). The launch area is the area between the designated boat ramp and the spotter. If there is a launch area where boats can leave in two different directions all boats must stay in between the boat ramp and the spotter no matter which way the boaters decide to go.

32). Points System: 1st place will receive 100 points, 2nd place will receive 99, 3rd place will receive 98, and so on. Any Team that participates but does not weigh in a fish will receive 50 points.

33) Angler-of-the-year and rookie-of-the-year recognition will be given to the anglers who earn the most points throughout the season. The individual angler points earned at each event will be the same as the points earned by that angler's team. For example, if an angler is part of the 1st place team, the angler earns 100 points toward angler-of-the year race. Non-members do not earn points towards awards, and the points that the non-member would have earned based on tournament standings are vacated from the competition. For example if a non-member finishes 10th, the non-member does not earn points and a member that finishes 11th still gets 11th place points. Anglers are allowed to drop one tournament when determining total points for the year.

34). Shore fishing is not allowed during a club tournament. If a non-boater does not have a ride for a tournament, the angler needs to contact the Club President one (1) week prior to the start of a tournament. Please see Tournament Rules for Non-boaters in the membership section of the web site.

33). Anyone who wants to ride along will be allowed no matter what their age is without paying a tournament entry fee. If a sperson riding along wants to fish, that person must pay the tournament entry fee. An angler under the age of 16 may ride along whether they fish or not, free of charge, but will not be considered for awards or prize money in either the Junior or Adult divisions

35). If no fish are caught during a club tournament, trophies are not handed out and prize money is awarded by individual chip draws for places awarded.

36). Members must qualify to fish the Classic Championship. To qualify a member must have fished a minimum of three tournaments during the season or have been a member in good standing for a minimum of two years.

37). At the Pre-Tournament meeting we will draw chips for boat launch sequence. That number order will be used for weigh-ins. Example: All anglers in Boat #1 will weigh-in 1st, all anglers in Boat #2 will weigh-in 2nd and so on. In case an angler needs to leave early or an angler has live-well problems, an angler may weigh-in early.

38). In case of a tie during a tournament, a three tier tie breaker will be in place. 1st- Largest bass 2nd- Greatest number of fish 3rd- Flip of a coin.

39). In a situation where you witness a rule being broken or a violation of a club rule, you must contact a club officer prior to the start of the official weigh-in, at which point all club officers will have a chance to hear details from both parties and make a ruling.  When the ruling has been made the decision will be final.  This must be done prior to the official weigh-in, once the official weigh-in’s have started the tournament results will become final.

40). All lakes will be off limits from the Sunday sunset before the scheduled tournament until sunrise the Friday of tournament week. 

41). For a 2 day tournament: In the event that day 1 of competition is complete and day 2 is unsafe due to bad weather the tournament will be concluded and the results from  day 1 will determine the tournament winners. In the event that day 1 is unsafe due to bad weather the tournament directors along with the club members will decide if day 2 of competition will go ahead as planned.

43). Mandatory Safety Rules-Killswitch checks will be done before each launch. If Killswitch is not operational you will be refunded your entry and not be allowed to participate in the tournament. All state laws and regulations regarding safety equipment must be followed. Anyone found not in compliance will be disqualified from tournament with possible suspension from Bandits Club activities. Tournament Directors will have sole discretion for cancelling or shortening a tournament due to weather issues. 

44). TBF qualifying will remain the same with qualifiers named before August 1st.