Spiritwood Lake, Sakakawea and Lake Oahe Recaps

The Bandits have had an incredible season and are so grateful to not only be able to fish some of the best waters in our state but also some of the best in the country. Whether it is the smaller Spiritwood Lake that can produce a 6lb fish at anytime to the giant shorelines of Lake Sakakawea and Lake Oahe, there are always plenty of opportunities for a competitive tournament and a great time on the water among friends and family.

Our 6th stop of the year was Spiritwood Lake, a club favorite, and with not only Bandits but also a few teams from the EDAK club competing everyone was anxious to bring in a big bag of smallies. Marty and Brandi Mantz did not disappoint when they brought in a 3 fish limit for 11lbs even to take top spot followed by EDAK members Chris Shields and David Geske with 10.53lbs, rounding out the top 3 was Paul Reinbold and Amber Pierce weighing in 9.47 lbs after they had to throw a 5lb plus pig back late in the day since they already had a limit of fish and are unable to cull under ND laws. Great job everyone.

Event 7 was the giant Lake Sakakawea. Unnatural calm winds and amazing weather turned the day into a terrific time as Shawn Keena fishing with Brandon took home the victory at 8.09lbs. 2nd place was Matt Sullivan and Marty Mantz with 7.75lbs and a great top 3 for Colton Blomberg and Jamie Shanks with 7.35lbs. We all still are looking for those elusive 3lb Sakakawea smallmouth but someday someone will find a school of them. Hopefully.

The last regular season event took the Club to South Dakota and Lake Oahe. The recent announcement of the Bassmaster Elite series scheduling Oahe for next year brought the level of excitement to an all time high. Bob Reinbold teamed up with Cody Arth to bring in 11.63 lbs and 1st place just edging out Marty Mantz and Matt Sullivan who had 11.38lbs. Shawn Keena and Trent Fugere were able to weigh 8.72lbs to round out 3rd.

Great job everyone and also a huge congratulations to Marty Mantz for being the Angler of the Year on the Bandits TBF Club. Marty had 3 wins to be perfect on the season and take home the crown. Our final tournament is the two day Classic to be held on Lake Audubon September 23-24th launching at 6:30 from Totten Trail Ramp. Good luck to everyone and enjoy your time spent on the water doing what we all love so much.