Back to Back!

Hunter Wood and Eric Vossler with back to back wins!

This past Saturday was the New Johns stop for the ND bass bandits. Although everyone was eager to get on the water and find some giants, ND had a different plan. With high wind warning and changing conditions, the bite proved tough for many anglers. The topwater bite was near obsolete, besides a few found by the winners Eric Vossler and Hunter Woods. Most fish came off of fast moving reaction strike baits to include spinnerbait, cranks, and fast retrieve tubes. While others managed with a slower presentation of wacky rig stick baits and slow moving dropshots. All in all, despite the rough conditions, we had a great turnout with a few good fish brought to the scales. Next stop will be a 2 tournament weekend with Ashtabula on the 23rd and Spiritwood the 24th. This will be the first time the bandits have ventured this far east, but not to fret, these water hold some of the biggest smallmouth in the state. Camping will be arranged and a block of sites will be set up. If anyone has any questions direct them to Tournament directors Wes Baptiste, Trent Fugere or one of the other officers. Good luck and we will see you there.

1st-Eric Vossler and Hunter Woods-10.73lbs and Big Bass Award 3.84lbs-101 points
2nd-Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce-9.62lbs-99 points
3rd- Matt Sullivan and Marty Mantz-9.33lbs-98 points
4th-Paul Reinbold and Thomas Leintz-8.69lbs-97 points
5th-Jared Sparks and Lance Zent-8.61lbs-96 points
6th-Pedro and Derek-7.12lbs-95 points
7th-Josh Johnson and Matt Frenz-6.16lbs-94 points
8th-Josh Birtchet and Pete-1.68lbs-93 points
9th- Curt Manley -50 points

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New Johns Lake
June 25th 2016
New Johns Lake
Hunter Wood 101
Eric Vossler 101
3 3.84 SMB 10.73 0 10.73 1
Wes Baptiste 99
Amber Pierce 99
3 3.80 SMB 9.62 0 9.62 2
Matt Sullivan 98
Marty Mantz 98
3 3.43 SMB  9.33 0 9.33 3
Paul Reinbold 97
Thomas Leintz 97
3 3.22 SMB  8.69 0 8.69 4
Lance Zent 96
Jared Sparks 96
3 3.09 SMB  8.61 0 8.61 5
Pedro 95
Derek 95
3 3.14 SMB  7.12 -.5 7.12 6  
Josh Johnson 94
Matt Frenz 94
3   SMB  6.16 0 6.16 7  
Josh Birtchet 93
Pete 93
1 SMB  1.68 0 1.68 8  
Curt Manley 50
0   SMB    0   9







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