The Big Muddy


Is actually pretty small when it comes to us bass fisherman. And very unforgiving. With the “dock talk” being all the big fish are down south, but unpredictable conditions and a plethora of recreational boaters and sandbars on every route, the safe bet was to settle for what you could in the local marinas. And even though smaller fish were easy to find it was the determination of Hunter Wood and Eric Vossler that big ones still lived in Marina Bay that triggered their win. Between a decent topwater bite and a classic jig and chunk trailer they were able to land some very quality fish and almost doubled the next best finisher in the field with a winning weight of 10.09 lbs anchored by a 4.54l lb largemouth that also took the big fish honors. 2nd place went to Jared Sparks and Lance Zent after they found a few on topwater as well with 5.98 lbs just inching out 3rd place of Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce with 5.97 lbs. Hayden Bader brought in a great 3 bass limit to take home the trophy in the Junior Division with 4.29 lbs. Great Job Hayden!! The consolation for other teams was that the weather couldn’t have been any better for a day of fishing and it will definitely go down as a learning experience for all members of the Bandits.
Next Tournament will be held on Lake Oahe launching out of Indian Creek in Mobridge, SD. Don’t forget to purchase a SD fishing license if you haven’t already. This is definitely a quality fishery that should produce some great limits. Camping sites have been reserved by Paul Reinbold and any questions about the tournament or camping can be answered by him or on the Bandits Facebook page. We hope to see everyone on Lake Oahe next weekend.
It has been a great season so far and as it winds down please make sure to stay safe on the water and courteous to all other boaters.

Missouri River Results
1st-Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood-10.09lbs and Big Bass Award 4.54 lbs-101 points
2nd-Jared Sparks and Lance Zent-5.98lbs-99 points
3rd-Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce-5.97lbs-98 points
4th-Logan Boese and Laken Boese-4.23lbs-97 points
5th-Paul Reinbold, Thomas Leintz, Josh Birtchet-4.04lbs-96 points
6th-Jason Bader and Tony Reinbold-3.89lbs-95 points
7th-Bob and Jeanette Reinbold-1.81lbs-94 points
8th-Stephen Basinger and Dion Ferrier-.87lbs-93 points
9th-Adam Pierce, Denver Tergesen, Matt Gessner-0.00lbs-50 points


Missouri River Bismarck

June 5th 2016

Hunter Wood 101
Eric Vossler 101
3 4.54   10.09 0 10.09 1
Lance Zent 99
Jared Sparks 99
      5.98 0 5.98 2
Wes Baptiste 98
Amber Pierce 98
      5.97 0 5.97 3
Logan Boese 97
Laken Boese 97
      4.23 0 4.23 4
Paul Reinbold, Thomas Leintz, Josh Birtchet 96
      4.04 0 4.04 5
Jason Bader 95
Tony Reinbold 95
      3.89 0 3.89 6  
Bob Reinbold 94
Jeanette Reinbold 94
      1.81 0 1.81 7  
Stephen Basinger 93
Dion Ferrier 93
3 SMB  5.50 0 5.50 8  
Adam Pierce, Denver Tergesen, Matt Gessner 50
0         9  









Tournament Pictures