Friends, Family, and Fishing. Just not usually in that order. It’s the reason we all work so hard and the reason why we stay up late or wake up early. This weekend was the perfect blend of the three and besides the standard 20+mph winds it couldn’t have been better.

Starting with Saturday morning big bass tournament we had 16 anglers head out onto Sheep’s Creek Dam at 6:15am for the first period of fishing to end at 9:00am. Things started slow for some anglers with lots of trout and crappies being caught but almost everyone found a decent Largemouth to weigh in for first period. With just a few minutes left on the clock Lance Zent felt a slight tick of his jig and set the hook on what would end up being the Big Bass of the period and the day at 5.53Lbs. After catching roughly a dozen fish on a frog during the first period Thomas Leintz finally found a decent keeper and weighed in a 3.62lb Largemouth to take home second during the period. After a quick break the field returned to fishing for the 2nd period and to say the conditons changed would be an understatement. Luckily the young angler Shania Mantz still had the magic touch when her senko found the lips of a 4.02lb Largemouth to take home 1st place in the period and after multiple boats returned without a fish Curt Manley weighed in a 2.58lb Largemouth for 2nd in the period. This format was a nice change for everyone and we hope to do another similar tournament in the future. Thank you everyone for keeping an open mind with this event and congratulations to the winners.

After returning to Lake Tschida to rest and retie the entire club grilled enough food to feed an army and after everyone was full to the point of being miserable we realized that the traditional ladderball tournament had to be scrapped due to broken equipment. That wouldn’t stop a group of fisherman and women though. After some quick improvising with a few funnels, a 5 gallon bucket, duct tape and water bottles everyone grabbed their flippin sticks and took to the deck of Denver Tergesens boat for a intense flippin contest. After some crazy competition it came down to the final two anglers, Paul Reinbold and Wes Baptiste. With the concentration of a grizzled veteran Paul took down Wes and was crowned the first ever Bandits Flippin King!

Sunday morning was another great day for fishing and it had a definite theme throughout the day, WHITE! White swimbaits, white tubes and the obvious whitecaps. Lots of fish were caught the entire day but the big bite was very hard to come by. Comin in with 3 fish for 7.44lbs for 1st place by .02 lbs and the big bass of the day with a 2.75lb Smallmouth was Hunter Wood and Eric Vossler. Just missing first with 7.42lbs was Jared Sparks and Lance Zent and rounding out the top 3 was the Husband/Wife combo of Paul and Prairie Reinbold with 7.30lbs. A super tight group of weights and an exciting weigh in for everyone.

Thanks again to everyone that was able to make it out this weekend and we can’t wait for the next tournament of the year on one of the best lakes in the state, New Johns Lake and Canal System on June 25th.

1st-Hunter Wood and Eric Vossler-7.44lbs-101 points and Big Bass Award-2.75lbs

2nd-Lance Zent and Jared Sparks-7.42lbs-99 points

3rd-Paul and Prairie Reinbold-7.30lbs-98 points

4th-Logan Boese and Alex Seibel-7.26lbs-97 points

5th-Chuck Gaston and Charles Despain-6.44lbs-96 points

6th-Bob and Jeanette Reinbold-6.06lbs-95 points

7th-Denver Tergesen and Thomas Leintz-5.55lbs-94 points

8th-Wes Baptiste, Corey Erickson, and Amber Pierce-5.50lbs-93 points

9th-Marty and Shania Mantz-4.20lbs-92 points

10th-Curt Manley-1.89lbs-91 points

11th-Trent Fugere-1.79lbs-90 points

12th-Josh Birtchet-1.24lbs-89 points