Reinbolds' take Lake Sakakawea

Bob and Jeanette Reinbold

Well our second tournament of the year has come and gone. Lake sakakawea presented many of the teams with some tough conditions, while others had the best day on this lake in years. Temps were all over the place, with many areas in the 48-51 degree range, while others were finding pre spawn fish in the low 60s. This is the biggest lake the bandits will fish all year, and the vastness of the lake humbled a few of us, and surprised many by the giant bag Bob and Janet Reinbold brought to the scales. He found the 4+ pounders in the 10fow range on sharp drops. While most others found fish shallow and on wind blown points. Thank you everyone who came out and fished a great tournament.

Next up on the trail is our club camping weekend at lake Tschida. Saturday will be a big bass event held on sheep's Creek, while the points team tourney will be held on Tschida Sunday. If anyone needs any information or a teammate, please post on the page your questions.

1st-Bob and Jeanette Reinbold-10.91lbs-Big Bass Award-4.19lbs-101 points
2nd-Matt Sullivan and Marty Mantz-9.33lbs-99 points
3rd-Jared Sparks and Lance Zent-7.81lbs-98 points
4th-Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce-7.71lbs-97 points
5th-Logan Boese and Alex Seibel-7.57lbs-96 points
6th-Thomas Leintz-5.77lbs-95 points
7th-Hunter Woods and Eric Vossler-5.24lbs-94 points
8th-Trent Fugere and Josh Birtchet-3.15lbs-93 points
9th-Josh Johnson and Matt Franz-0.00 lbs-50 points

Lake Sakakawea
Lake SakakaweaMay 28th 2016

Bob Reinbold 101
Jeanette Reinbold 101
3 4.19 SMB 10.91 0 10.91 1
Matt Sullivan 99
Marty Mantz 99
3   SMB 9.33 0 9.33 2
Jared Sparks 98
Lance Zent 98
3 3.93 SMB  7.81 0 7.81 3
Wes Baptiste 97
Amber Pierce 97
3 2.81 SMB  7.71 0 7.71 4
Logan Boese 96
Alex Seibel 96
3   SMB  7.57 0 7.57 5
Thomas Leintz 95
3   SMB  5.77 0 5.77 6
Hunter Woods 94
Eric Vossler 94
3 SMB  5.24 0 5.24 7
Trent Fugere 93
Josh Birtchet 93
1   SMB  3.15 0 3.15 8
Josh Johnson 50
Matt Franz 50
0   0 0 0 9






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