Mantz and Sullivan on top at Lake Oahe


Last stop on the Bandits trail was possibly one of the toughest for many in many years. Starting off with a full moon and a cold front the day prior, coupled with a 4ft drop in water levels, had many anglers scrambling to find decent size fish. Everyone was hyped up about the legendary Lake Oahe in South Dakota. The past years and recent months have shown big bags of smallies come out of here. People fished anywhere from rocky shoreline to bridge pilings, sandy banks and main lake points, to sunken railroads and structure. A few people made 40plus mile runs to mid lake areas. Two teams, Matt Sullivan and Marty Mantz, along with Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce, ran down to the 212 bridge. With neither having much luck on the bridge, they moved out to sandy bays and main lake points. Matt Sullivan and Marty Mantz took the win by focusing on a bay just west of the bridge with 6.82 lbs including a 3.13 Big Bass winner. Bob and Jeanette Reinbold came in close second by
fishing a sunken railroads bed with 6.81 lbs. Lance Zent and Jared Sparks made it 3rd with 5.69 lbs and just barely missing the cut Paul and Tony Reinbold came in 4th with 4.59 lbs. Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood made a 5th place showing of 4.07 lbs, while Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce settled for 6th with one fish for 1.23 lbs. Thomas Leintz, Elliot Kjer and Betty Auston were a few anglers unfortunate enough to not catch a fish to bring to weigh in.

The next tournament will be the 2-Day Classic on Lake Audubon launching out of Three Mile Ramp on September 17th and 18th. The Angler of the Year race is still very tight and can be won by either Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood or Wesley Baptiste and Amber Pierce. Good luck everyone and hope to see you at Audubon

Lake Oahe Results

1st- Marty Mantz and Matt Sullivan-6.82 lbs and Bigg Bass Award Winner 3.13 lbs-101 points
2nd-Bob and Jeannete Reinbold-6.81 lbs-99 points
3rd-Lance Zent and Jared Sparks-5.69 lbs-98 points
4th-Paul and Tony Reinbold-4.59 lbs-97 points
5th-Hunter Wood and Eric Vossler-4.07 lbs-96 points
6th-Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce-1.23 lbs-95 points
7th-Elliot Kjer and Betty Austin-0 fish-50 points
7th-Thomas Leintz-0 fish-50 points


Lake Oahe
August 20th 2016







Tournament Pictures