Audubon Classic Recap

Paul Reinbold and Josh Birtchet take home the Classic Hardware!

This past weekend marked the Bandit’s final tournament of the year. The classic championship! Going into the tourney many people were unsure how it would turn out. Mainly because of the recent weather shift and memories of years past. However, Audobaun Lake turned out to be one of the best tournaments of the year. Day one ended with Matt Sullivan and Marty Mantz in first place at 10.99, with Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce a close second with 10.97. Behind them were two more bags at over 10lbs for three fish. Most caught fish early on day one and everyone seemed to have numbers of 3 plus pounders throughout. Day 2 on the other hand, was a different story for some. While others slid off the top spot, few found them later in the day to come from behind. Paul Reinbold and Josh Birtchet came in from 5th the day prior to 1st with over a 12 lb bag and taking big bag and big bass of the year with 4.89! They had some early struggles on day two but a late afternoon flurry carried them to the win. Even though Amber and Wes put up a hard charge to gain back points for AOY, they just couldn't gain the momentum to catch Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood from the top spot! Amazing season for Eric and Hunter as well as Amber Pierce who was crowned Rookie of the Year. An incredible ending to an amazing year with amazing people!

With the club saying goodbye to Stephen Basinger, Jared Sparks, and Wes Baptiste we want to thank them for everything they did and do to help further grow the sport of Tournament Bass Fishing in North Dakota and the Badlands Bass Bandits. They will all be truly missed. I also encourage everyone to get out on the water with someone new and introduce them to this sport we all love and cherish. The future of our club and bass fishing in North Dakota depends on the increased participation of all our members to find new members for our club and to further educate on the importance of conservation in our state. Thanks again everyone for a great year and see you all at the ICE BOWL!!!

Final Results:

1st-Paul Reinbold and Josh Birtchet-21.38 lbs and big bass award 4.89lbs-101 points

2nd-Marty Mantz and Matt Sullivan-21.27 lbs-99 points

3rd-Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood-20.50 lbs-98 points

4th-Stephen Basinger and Thomas Leintz-20.05 lbs-97 points

5th-Lance Zent and Jared Sparks-18.92 lbs-96 points

6th-Bob and Jeanette Reinbold-18.01 lbs(big bass tie breaker 4.35lbs)-95points

7th-Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce-18.01 lbs-94 points


Audubon Classic Championship!
September 17/18th 2016
Lake Audubon
Paul Reinbold 101
Josh Birtchet 101
6 4.89   21.38 0 21.38 1
Marty Mantz 99
Matt Sullivan 99
6     21.27 0 21.27 2
Hunter Wood 98
Eric Vossler 98
6     20.50 0 20.50 3
Stephen Basinger 97
Thomas Leintz 97
6     4.59 0 20.05 4
Lance Zent 96
Jared Sparks  
6     4.07 0 18.92 5
Bob Reinbold 95
Jeanette Reinbold 95
6 Big bass tie breaker 4.35lbs   18.01 0 18.01 6  
Wes Baptiste 94
Amber Pierce 94
6       0 18.01 7  







Tournament Pictures