For the first time ever the Bandits ventured as far east as Lake Ashtabuela. A field of 14 teams took to the lake and with past tournaments bringing in big bags on this unique lake the anticipation was high for everyone. Although many pre fished the lake with great success, the weights for the day didn't show the giants that live in the lake, but many anglers caught good ones and decent numbers as well. Half way through the day we had a temporary rain/storm delay that basically cut the field in half. As soon as the lightning was done and the lake deemed safe, those still in the hunt got back to work. And even though the early morning bite was better than afternoon for most, a few key fish were caught that made the difference. Although no one truly found the mother load that day, a few in the top 3 had a good bridge pattern with Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood snagging their club leading third win in a row with a three fish limit of 8.96 lbs including Big Bass of the day for 3.35 lbs. 2nd place went to Stephen Basinger and Thomas Leintz with 8.42lbs and third was rounded out by Marty and Brandi Mantz with 6.87lbs.

Day two sent us to the more familiar waters of Spiritwood Lake. Known for its giant smallies, everyone was eager to get on the water and test their luck at landing a giant. With water clarity being much better and the grass being not as thick everyone was definitely more confident in their abilities compared to the previous day. From a wacky rig to the Ned rig, a green pumpkin tube or a swing head jig with dbomb, to drop shotting and jerkbait fishing. It appeared everyone had a great day with big numbers caught. The winning team of Amber Pierce and Wes Baptiste who had trolling motor issues day prior ending them in fifth, found a pattern of Ned rig and dbomb on swing head for 12.34 to take it with a lead over 2 lbs ahead of second. Along with their win, Amber boated a beast of 4.84, for Big Bass of the day as well as the biggest Smallmouth ever caught during a tournament in Bandits History, also her biggest smallie ever. 2nd place went to Bob, Jeanette and Samantha Reinbold with 10.32 lbs and third was Stephen Basinger and Thomas Leintz with 9.82 lbs. Thanks for a great few days of Tournaments for everyone. We would also like to thank the Members of the EDAK Bass Club that came out and supported us as well. It was great to be able to hang out with and fish against other great local anglers and we all hope to see each other on the water again soon.

Next up is the Missouri River in Bismarck. Hope everyone has a chance to get out and run around and pre fish it because you can end up in a bad situation before you know it. We look forward to everyone showing up and seeing what this river has to offer.

Lake Ashtabula Results

1st-Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood-8.96 lbs and 3.35lb Big Bass Award-101 points
2nd-Stephen Basinger and Thomas Leintz-8.42 lbs-99 points
3rd-Marty and Brandi Mantz-6.87 lbs-98 points
4th-Chris Shields and Ryan Haarsager-6.74 lbs-97 points
5th-Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce-3.32lbs-96 points
6th-Joe Schultz-1.85lbs-95 points
7th-Jared Sparks and Lance Zent-no fish-50 points
7th-Curt Manley-no fish-50 points
7th-Bob, Jeanette and Samantha Reinbold-no fish-50 points
7th-Corey Erickson-no fish-50 points
7th-Josh Birtchet-no fish-50 points
7th-Alex Seibel and Logan Boese-no fish-50 points
7th-Trent Fugere-no fish-50 points
7th-Denver Tergesen and Matt Gessner-no fish-50 points

Spiritwood Lake Results

1st-Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce-12.34 lbs and 4.83 lb Big Bass Award-101 points
2nd-Bob, Jeanette, and Samantha Reinbold-10.32 lbs-99 points
3rd-Stephen Basinger and Thomas Leintz-9.82 lbs-98 points
4th-Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood-9.80 lbs-97 points
5th-Jared Sparks and Lance Zent-8.94 lbs-96 points
6th-Chris Shields and Ryan Haarsager-8.86 lbs-95 points
7th-Joe Schultz-7.89 lbs-94 points
8th-Josh Birtchet-7.50 lbs-93 points
9th-Corey Erickson and Trent Fugere-6.57 lbs-92 points
10th-Marty and Brandi Mantz-no fish-50 points

Angler of Year Top 3-with one dropped tourney
Eric Vossler and Hunter Wood-496 points
Wes Baptiste and Amber Pierce-494 points
Thomas Leintz-483

Three tournaments to go with two wild cards of Missouri River and Lake Oahe, ending with the Classic Two-Day Championship on Lake Audubon. Its gonna come down to the wire and should be a great ending.

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