The day before the tourney a Major cold front rolled through the area it was only 50 Degrees and windy and the tournament prospects were not looking good. The weather changed drastically however for tourney day and the sun came out and welcomed all the anglers and said it's going to be a nice day, get out there and enjoy yourselves. There was a lot of activity and boats and people at the dock, 21 People entered the tournament. Take off was epic boats scurried every direction with the vast majority headed east. 

The fishing was excellent with many fish cooperating however the big girls that live here seemed hard to find on this day but there was a lot of 2 to 3 pounders that were more than willing to cooperate, there was a lot of smiling faces on this day. Thanks to the sunny day and the approaching full moon the fish were coming into the shallows in droves you could fish just about anywhere as long as it was less than 4 feet of water and expect to catch a lot of fish.

Team Keena was in full attendance and mounted a fully fledged attack on the lake with 3 different boats, and showed well at the weigh-in for their efforts. There were a lot of fish weighed and a lot of happy anglers both juniors and older people too. It was a good tournament with great weather and good fishing can’t ask for much more than that. 

Shawn Keena almost pulled off the victory but was overtaken by Marty Mantz by less than a pound. Big fish honors go to Cody Arth Your top 3 were 

1st place: Marty Mantz 8.75 pounds

2nd Place: Shawn Keena 8.10 Pounds

3rd Place: Cody Arth 7.98 Pounds (also big fish) 3.28 Pounds.