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Angler Profiles

Badlands Bass Bandits Member Profiles
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Paul Reinbold

Paul Reinbold
Dickinson, ND
Member Since:
16'.5" red lund
Mariner 50 HP (runs like a top)
Favorite Lake:
Lake Isabel or Lake Pudwell in SD
Favorite Technique:
Pig-n-Jig fishing 
Favorite season:
Fall bite!!!
When Im not fishing:
learning about fishing some other way via, internet, tv, magazine, or talking to other anglers.


Marty Mantz

Marty Mantz
Center, ND
Member Since:
90 Optimax
Favorite Lake:
Missouri River & Nelson Lake
Favorite Technique:
Whatever Catches Fish at the time
Favorite season:
When Im not fishing:
I am always fishing! but I hunt a lot too and golf.


Geo Wentz



Geo E. Wentz
Location: Lemmon, SD
Member Since: 2007
Boat: 16.5 Lund
Motor: 115 Mercury
Favorite Lake: Fish Creek & New Johns
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Technique: Topwater
When Not Fishing: Work and honey-duties
1. it pays for my fishing 2. She lets me go









Curt Manley
Location: Bismarck, ND
Member since: 2007
Boat: 12ft Alumacraft
Motor: 12hp Hiawatha
Favorite Lakes: New Johns & McDowell Dam
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Technique: Fishing shallow with soft plastics, topwater, and jigs








Johnathan Campbell



Johnathan Campbell
Location: Bismarck, ND
Member since: 2009
Boat:1976 Starcraft Capri 15
Motor: Mercury Classic 50
Favorite Lake: New Johns
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Technique: In-shore drop-shotting
When Not Fishing: Site supervisor for the Former Governors' Mansion and Camp Hancock State Historic Sites







James Francis



James Francis
Location: Denver, Colorado
Member since: 2006
Boat: Ranger Reata 180
Motor: 150 HP Mercury
Favorite Lake: Nelson Lake, Quency Res, and New Johns
Favorite Season: Spring and Summer
Favorite Technique: Pig & Jig & top water(spooks, frogs, poppers)
When Not Fishing: Hunting, Volleyball, Basketball and hanging w/ the Kids









Matt Sullivan
Location: Bismarck, ND
Member Since: 2010
Boat: Triton TR196 Limited
Motor: Mercury 200 Opti
Favorite Lake: Okeechobee, Lake Toho, Lake Murray
Favorite Season: Spring: Bed fishing
Favorite Technique: Depends on the season...Like 'em all...
When not Fishing: With the family, huntin, anything outdoors...






Cody Arth


Cody Arth
Location: Bismarck ND
Member since: 2010
Boat: Alumacraft Dominator Sport
Motor: 150 Yamaha 
Favorite Lake: Devils Lake, New Johns, Lake Josephine
Favorite Season: Doesn't matter
Favorite Techinque: Whatever i can catch fish on.
When not fishing: Hunting, snowmobiling or work around the house








Mike Wentz
Location: Lemmon, South Dakota
Member Since: 2008
Favorite Lake: Nelson Lake, New Johns, Fish Creek, Sheep Creek, Tshida, and any other lake in North & South Dakota & Minnesota that has mass quantities of Large and/or Small Mouth Bass waiting to be caught
Favorite Technique: Soft baits (ie senkos, tubes, crack craws, brush hogs and tube darts), top water (ie Hulla Poppers, Scum Frogs, and Big Foot Scum Frogs), Rattle Traps, and Strike King Bleeding CrankBaits. I've tried spinner baits but they become an exercise in casting with little result - someday that may change. 
Favorite Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
When Not Fishing: Working on the house fixing & remodeling or in the yard.....that keeps the wife happy so I can go fishing. PLUS Work, it pays the bills.
Goals: To continue to LISTEN, LEARN & REMEMBER all the new things each fishing trip and to cut back on the tackle I drag with each trip (the boat seems to be getting more crowded each year!) Or get a bigger boat!!!!!!






Eric Ehn


Eric Ehn
Location: Minot, ND
Member Since: 2010
Boat: 94 17ft Teal Nitro
Motor: 90 HP Mariner with dinged up prop 
Favorite Lake: Lake St. Clair, Huron River, and Pueblo Reservoir
Favorite Season: 61 degree water, think about it
Favorite Technique: New techniques, always have to learn
When not Fishing: Ice Hockey, Home brewing, being a husband and dad








DuaneDuane Lankford
Location: Minot, ND
Member since: 2012
Boat: 2004 Skeeter SX180
Motor: 115hp Yamaha
Favorite Lake: Lake Darling (can be in the water in 20 min) and New Johns (had a lot of fun fishing with y'all there last year)
Favorite Season: the warm ones
Favorite Technique: learning new techniques
When Not Fishing: Working on a graduate degree, being a father to a 6-year-old, and husband to my wife, who tolerates my fishing addiction.







Eric Vossler
Location: Bismarck, ND
Member Since: 2011
Boat: Skeeter 200zx
Motor: 200hp Mariner Magnum
Favorite Lake: Lake Nelson/Missouri River
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Technique: Frog Fishing
When not Fishing: traveling for work










Nate Dirks
Location: Minot
Member since: Mar 2012
Boat: 96 Skeeter ZX180
Motor: 150 Mercury
Favorite Lake: Darling & New Johns
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Technique: Whatever catches fish
When Not Fishing: Duck Hunting, Golfing, Homebrewing








Steve Basinger
Location: Surrey, ND
Member since: 2012
Boat: 2007 Triton TR-21X
Motor: Mercury Pro XS 225
Favorite Lake: McDowell Dam
Favorite Season: I like them all... except winter.
Favorite Technique: Fishing a frog over matted grass or punching
When Not Fishing: Thinking about going fishing








Eric Fernandez
Location: Beulah, ND
Member since: 2011
Boat: Polar
Motor: Mercury
Favorite Lake: Tschida
Favorite Season: May-October
Favorite Technique: Any top water
When Not Fishing: Coaching Baseball







































































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