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The Badlands Bass Bandits club was founded in June of 2006 by avid bass angler Paul Reinbold. Paul was a South Dakota native who moved to North Dakota to pursue an education career at Dickinson State University. After a few years of college, Paul realized that North Dakota had a lot of great bass fishing to offer. Being a tournament angler and a club member of the Dakota Sportsmen Society located in Isabel, South Dakota. Paul wanted to share his tournament and club experiences with the friendly people of North Dakota. After a few summer months of fishing the bass lakes of North Dakota in 2005 with long time friend Deryk Voller, Paul started to piece together what lakes would offer the best fishing for his future club.

Paul started to structure the plans and backbone of the Badlands Bass Bandits club from his previous club experiences back home in South Dakota. With previous club experience Paul knew what worked and what didn’t work in a club. This was all important to him because he wanted to start a club that would be well known and established for a long time. In doing so, Paul founded the Badland’s Bass Bandits club in Dickinson, North Dakota.

On June 10, 2006 ten members of the new elite bass fishing club found themselves on Raleigh Reservoir competing in the first ever Badlands Bass Bandit tournament. It was a typical tournament day with wet, cold and windy conditions. However, the fishing tournament was a huge success, and every member had a great day.Today, the Badlands Bass Bandit club has members from all across the state of North and South Dakota. As it continues to grow, the friendly based atmosphere that this club was built on hasn’t and will not change for years to come!



Largemouth Bass: 8lbs 7oz
Largemouth Bass
Nelson Lake

Smallmouth Bass: 6lbs 13oz
Smallmouth Bass
Lake Darling

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